Little essays for my son

I just created this blog because I recently became aware of WordPress (this only shows how backward I am technologically).

I think it might be fun to write down everything I’ve learnt and experienced (and still remember) during my travels over my lifetime (in Japan, the US, and finally Germany). The main motive is that my son can read it when it grows up and I’ve forgotten everything as I turn senile, or worse. ¬†Atri is always bugging me: “Tell me a story dada, one that I haven’t heard before.” I have lots of stories in my head, but not the kind he’d understand yet (he’s five).

I’ll put these “stories” on the web because I see no reason why others can’t read it too. You can think of it as a fragmented autobiography, but not in chronological order and thematically in disarray, addressed to one person but open to all.